Baseball bat blues

Do you have to use a baseball bat, la’
To show your masculinity?
When asked to move your idling car
An armed response beyond incivility

Surprised she shows no fear of you
Your weakness betrayed by aggression
A proper pathetic display it is, too
Weaponised threats to a woman

The dole office done for another fortnight
You probably think it’s a laugh
But I’ll be signing you on soon, alright
And I’ve got a question to ask

What is it about this northern town?
It’s small-time villains and hoods
Even the train station was closed down
Sealing the place from new blood

See, I’m gonna leave this town of my birth
It’s not the place of my kind
Then again, they left a place even worse
And this was the best they could find

Steven Shorrock (2018)

Author: PTSDays

An inside view of experience of post-traumatic stress, recovery and mental health. #PTSD #MentalHealth #Poetry

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