Blow out

Worn out, blown out
Spinning into terror
Looking back at the fast lane
Through snapshots of horror

Overtaking him at speed
You still had lots to learn
A rock, a hole, a fault, who knows?
And now which way to turn?

At eighty miles an hour
It’s no easy decision
Heading east, facing west
A tailgater’s eyes in vision

Veering backwards to the barrier
Braced for impact, no airbag
Scraping, screeching, metal on metal
A wretched noise, a car dragged

Sitting now mid-motorway
For how long, who can know
The police arrive, the road is blocked
In shock, you have to go

Return home to a man bereaved
No sympathy to give
You escaped with mental scars
Another day to live

A family swerved another death
Worse things have occurred
You’re here to drive some journeys still
But they won’t be as they were

Steven Shorrock (2018)

Author: PTSDays

An inside view of experience of post-traumatic stress, recovery and mental health. #PTSD #MentalHealth #Poetry

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