Chase them! Chase them!
We’ll get our revenge
These rats have no respect for us
But crimes must be avenged

Winding into cul de sacs
Justice must be served
But on these wild Manchester streets
Horrors must be swerved

The rats have gone, they’ve disappeared
To places cars can’t drive
And now we’re trapped in cul de sacs
With nowhere left to hide

We disembark the Volvo car
One window smashed for hate
To neighbours waiting on their steps
This was a big mistake

A shotgun! A shotgun!
A double-barrelled warning
Get back in the car and go
Or you won’t see the morning

These divided city streets
Aren’t what you used to know
Trapped in this workless cul de sac
To die, for a broken window

Steven Shorrock (2018)

Author: PTSDays

An inside view of experience of post-traumatic stress, recovery and mental health. #PTSD #MentalHealth #Poetry

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